AMICUSDRACO – I am a hobbyist breeders with many years of experience. Above all my animals are my favorite pets and the fact that they are breeding specimen is of second importance. It means that for me their comfort of living and time we can dedicate them is more important than the number of animals we own. My animals live in spacious naturalistic terrariums and are properly nourished. I take care of young lizards for a period of time sufficient for them to get strong and immune enough to survive moving to their new homes without any problems. This period of time varies depending on species and even individual specimen. Although lizards are self-reliant since they hatch they are also very delicate – that is why I do not sell animals till they are at least two months old. We love beauty and we know that lizards should be pleasant to watch. I attempt to get the best animals for breeding so their progeny is expected to be at least as beautiful as their parents.
I have a great hope that all people who decide to buy our lizards will find so much joy and relax in this hobby as I do.

My reptiles are under veterinarian care of: